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I am shopping

LKR 30,000.00

Hello, I am a shopkeeper most of those who claim to be lenders
are all scammers, I was looking for a loan 2 years ago, I'm
I am scammed by the genres. I visited an ad site
serious personal loan anywhere in the world and I experienced a
wonderful gentleman, named Mr. Marco Marandola of Canadian nationality
which helps anyone living in France, Martinique, Guadeloupe,
Meeting, New Caledonia, Honolulu, Canada, Spanish, Portugal, Italy,
etc., Polynesia and others by making them loans and who granted me
a loan of € 30,000?

That I have to repay over 17 years with a very low interest on his part
be 2% over my entire loan term and there the next morning I received
money without protocol. Need personal credit, your banks refuse t
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